Increase In Reiki & Alternative Healing

Healing comes from within
Times of India – India
“In the past few weeks, nearly 8 to 10 people have come to me to get reiki because of recession and increase in stress,” says Neelam Kewlani, director,
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Many Canadians Seek Balance Through Meditation

5 meditation methods
Homemaker’s Magazine, Canada – Dec 18, 2008
and others, meditation (in many forms) is also practised by more than one half of Canadians who don’t attend religious services, says Statistics Canada.

Americans Turn to Alternative Medicine

Americans Turn to Complementary, Alternative Medicine for Pain Relief
Voice of America – USA
A Reiki practitioner works with a patient. Reiki is an energy medicine practice that originated in Japan Thirty-eight percent of American adults are using

Energy Healing & Reiki in Top 10 Spa Trends

Top 10 Spa Trends to Watch in 2009 (One – Five), UK – Dec 24, 2008
Everyone’s ‘talking about energy,’ and in 2009 the spa industry will follow suit, with high-voltage buzz around ‘energy medicine’ and therapies like Reiki,

Riverdance Star Treated With Energy Healing

Riverdance star Michael Flatley thanks Irish ‘energy healer’ as he
Daily Mail – UK
‘Conventional medicine failed to cure me,’ he has now explained of the mystery virus, which left him to cope with symptoms including acute lethargy and

Cancer Center Offers Free Reiki

Cancer center offering free help
Las Vegas Sun – Las Vegas,NV,USA
One of the most popular forms of therapy at The Caring Place has been Reiki, a form of healing in which “universal life force energy” is transferred from

Alternative and Energy Healing

A ‘sound’ way to good health
Express Buzz, India – 27 Dec 2008
He further points out: “We are entering into the era of energy medicine. Everything in the Universe has a frequency and all you have to do is to change a